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This site hosts a simulation of capitalism based on Marx's schemas of Capitalist Reproduction. As a site user you are welcome to experiment with it and, hopefully, learn from it. You can create your own data files which define the parameters of the simulation and in this way experiment with different theories of capitalist reproduction, including Marx's and - as the site progresses - historical debates about capitalist reproduction and its long-term trends from writers such as Luxemburg, Bauer and Bukharin.

It originated in a simulation written in 1991 by Alan Freeman

As the project progresses, we anticipate allowing users to edit this wiki and so add to the community's understanding of these issues, and also hopefully establish a blog for discussion of them. The wiki and blog will also help develop the simulation itself by providing feedback and, we hope, support.

As a member of the site's community please show respect for other users and for the site's developers. The simulation is far from perfect, but with your help it can be improved.

Consult the growing User Guide for information on how to use the simulation