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The initial parameters page

When you start the simulation, a web page appears with the initial parameters of the simulation displayed in a number of tables. You can

  1. run the simulation, using the data that is displayed on this initial page
  2. edit the data and run the simulation with your edited data
  3. save the edited version of your data as a new parameter file , so that you can return to it later
  4. load a previously saved parameter file into the initial parameters displayed on this page, and use that to run the simulation

The active simulation page

When you have pressed the 'run' button on the initial page, the simulation starts. It steps through the stages of Capitalist Reproduction specified in Marx's account, with a number of additions that were needed in order to make the simulation complete, such as a simplified account of the reproduction of social classes. Both the simulation, and these additions can be thought of as elements of an interpretation of Marx's theory.

More detailed instructions will be provided as the project proceeds.

You can find out more about any element that appears in the simulation - such as a button, or a header - by hovering the mouse over it. A 'tooltip' appears - a little notice with further information. By following the links in the tooltip, you can open new windows containing more detailed information. Most of these will be pages in this Wiki. Thus, the simulation and the wiki work closely together.